vineri, 3 februarie 2017

Bitcoin Generator Hack - New BTC Adder 2017

Instruction :

1. Open BITCOINADDER2017.exe
2. Insert The Key and Click OPEN,(the key is attached inside the rar folder, in txt file)
3. Then Click CONTINUE,
4. Then input Your BITCOIN Wallet Address  & choose how much Amount you want
5. Checked All HIDE IP, USE VPN, STEALTH MODE to More Secure.
6. Choose you account Server ( Blockchain or Coinbase)
7. Then Click SEND MONEY button.
8. Wait Until Show notification Successfully.
9. Bitcoins will appear in your account within 48 to 36 hours

Download HERE !

10 comentarii:

  1. I received 4 bitcoins! This is awesome !

  2. I love this bitcoin adder, actually believe this is working but it took a little while ....

  3. I do not believe that this actually works and I thank you from my heart. =3 this is genius..

  4. Thank you for the free bitcoins..

  5. i don't actually believe that this is the best unfortunately though this bitcoins exploit took a little while

  6. This is genius! I just got 3.59 bitcoins.